C-mount Video Adapters

Accu-Beam® video camera adapters connect C-mount and endoscopic cameras to microscopes and slit lamps.

Our patented design allows for interchangeable lenses to get the preferred magnification, with an optional upgrade for parfocal optical zoom. Interchangeable mounts allow for most cameras to connect to the adapter.

All of our adapters have a Zeiss connection by default, but with Beamsplitter Adapters they can work with most microscopes or slit lamps.

Ikegami MKC-704k on Universal Video Adapter
Accu-Beam® Universal Video Adapter with a 40-80mm optical zoom upgrade.
Universal Video Adapter 2x1

Universal C-mount Video Adapter

The Accu-Beam® Universal Video Adapter has interchangeable lenses and mounts to work with a wide variety of cameras, slit lamps, and microscopes.

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Short Video Adapter 2x1

Short C-mount Video Adapter

The Accu-Beam® Short Video Adapter is a compact version of the Universal Video Adapter with factory installed lenses.

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Direct Video Adapter 2x1

Direct C-mount Video Adapter

The ACCU-BEAM® Direct Video Adapter is the smallest option we carry to connect a C-mount camera to a beamsplitter.

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Zoom Video Adapter 2x1

Zoom C-mount Video Adapter

The ACCU-BEAM® Zoom Video adapter has an upgraded nosepiece for either 40-80mm or 70-140mm zoom. This allows for parfocal optical zoom and a wide range of compatibility.

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Endoscope Video Camera Adapter

Endoscope Camera Adapter

The ACCU-BEAM® Endoscope Camera Adapter allows for cameras with an endoscope coupler to connect directly to a microscope or split lamp.

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Dual Port Beamsplitter 2x1


ACCU-Beam® Dual Port and Single Port Beamsplitters are compatible with slit lamps and microscopes made by Zeiss, Topcon, Marco, Reichert, Haag-Streit, and other manufacturers.

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Beamsplitter Adapter 2x1

Beamsplitter Adapters

ACCU-BEAM® Beamsplitter Adapters can convert almost any beamsplitter to a Zeiss exit port, compatible with all of our products.

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