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ISO 13485:2016


Zoom Adapter with MKC-704

C-mount Video Adapters

C-mount and endoscope camera adapters for surgical microscopes and ophthalmic slit lamps. Our patented design allows for interchangeable lenses to get the perfect image.

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Digital Camera Adapters

Digital imaging solutions for slit lamps and surgical microscopes including most cameras and smartphones. These products are ideal for anterior segment imaging.

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Zoom Coupler

Endoscope Couplers

Couplers to connect C-mount cameras and digital cameras to any endoscope. Available in various fixed focal lengths, or with optical zoom.

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CO₂ Laser Accessories

CO₂ laser accessories including micromanipulators for ENT and gynecology, laser handpieces in with options for fixed focal and zoom, and laparascope couplers.

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Fiberoptic Handpieces

Fiberoptic Handpieces

Handpieces to be used with contact laser fibers in a wide variety of procedures. Available in a range of configurations, shapes and sizes.

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Suction Irrigation

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The ACCU-Surg® line of stainless steel suction/irrigation cannula sets are high-quality, reusable and sterilizable instruments. The patented trumpet valve is guaranteed not to leak or stick.

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Medical Video Cameras

A range of C-mount video cameras suitable for any medical application. From cost effective 1080p cameras to 4k retinal cameras we have solutions for every budget.

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MultiPulse Pro Duo Closeup

MultiPulse PRO DUO

The MultiPulse PRO DUO offers unequaled performance in ENT, GYN, Neuro and General Surgery featuring dual beam delivery with an articulated arm and CO₂ hollow waveguides.

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OEM Products

Custom engineered products with your specifications and branding. With competitive pricing and in-house laser engraving no project is too big or too small.

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