Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our Accu-Surg® line features sterilizable, high quality minimally invasive surgical instruments. These instruments are cost effective, made of stainless steel, and eliminate the use of disposable bio-hazardous cannulas. The patented Trumpet Valve is guaranteed not to leak or stick.

The Dual Trumpet Valve Handle is compatible with all suction/irrigation tubing sets, including our family of reusable stainless steel cannulas.

Suction/Irrigation Cannula
Stainless Steel Dual Trumpet Valve and a Suction/Irrigation Cannula with holes.
Trumpet Valve 2x1

Dual Trumpet Valve Handle

The Accu-Surg® Dual Trumpet Valve can work with any one of our stainless steel cannulas and is guaranteed not to leak or stick.

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Suction/Irrigation Cannulas


Accu-Surg® stainless steel cannulas easily connect to the dual trumpet valve handle for minimally invasive surgery.

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