Digital Camera Adapters

Accu-Beam® Digital SLR Adapters allow you to capture high quality photos and videos with almost any camera. Our range of beamsplitters ensures compatibility with most slit lamps and microscopes.

Our All-in-One adapter includes a beamsplitter and SLR camera adapter for a one-piece photography solution.

Smartphone adapters allow for cost-effective slit lamp photography and videos by capturing images directly through the ocular.

All-in-One Adapter
Accu-Beam® All-in-One Adapter on a Keeler slit lamp with a Canon SL3 camera.

All-in-One SLR Adapter

The Accu-Beam® All-in-One adapter combines a beamsplitter and SLR adapter for a one-piece imaging solution compatible with APS-C cameras.

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Blackmagic SLR Adapter

Digital SLR Adapter

The Accu-Beam® Digital SLR Adapter is a modular solution that can connect almost any camera to a beamsplitter.

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Universal Smartphone Adapter

Universal Smartphone Adapter

Capable of connecting almost any Smartphone to any Slit Lamp the Accu-Beam® Smartphone Adapter is a low-cost solution with impressive results.

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Oculocam 2x1

Oculocam System

The Oculocam System is the most cost-effective way to connect a smartphone or digital camera to your slit lamp.

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Dual Port Beamsplitter 2x1


ACCU-Beam® Dual Port and Single Port Beamsplitters are compatible with slit lamps and microscopes made by Zeiss, Topcon, Marco, Reichert, Haag-Streit, and other manufacturers.

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Beamsplitter Adapter 2x1

Beamsplitter Adapters

ACCU-BEAM® Beamsplitter Adapters can convert almost any beamsplitter to a Zeiss exit port, compatible with all of our products.

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