Fiberoptic Handpieces

Accu-Beam® Fiberoptic Handpieces are surgical instruments designed to clamp laser fibers during use and facilitate delivery to the treatment site. They can be used with contact laser fibers in a variety of procedures including orthopedic, general surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, and oral surgery. They are re-usable, sterilizable, cost-effective, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Handpiece kits including sterilization trays are also available.

Our standard Fiberoptic Handpieces come in straight, 45° angle, offset, curved, spatula tip, and malleable configurations. They are available in 11, 12, 14, 16, and 17 gauge sizes at varying lengths. For resellers and bulk orders customization is available.

Various Fiberoptic Handpieces
A selection of straight, offset, 45° angle, and curved Fiberoptic Handpieces.

Straight Handpieces

Rigid handpieces in a standard straight configuration. Available in various sizes and lengths.

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Shaped Handpiece 2x1

Shaped Handpieces

Rigid handpieces configured to be curved, offset, 45° angle, or spatula tip. Available in various sizes and lengths.

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Malleable Handpiece 2x1

Malleable Handpieces

Malleable handpieces that can be shaped and reformed during surgery. Available in various sizes and lengths.

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Fiber Director Bend 2x1

Fiber Director

The Laser Fiber Director is intended for use with laser fibers, and can articulate the spatula tip up to 70 degrees.

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GYN Sterilization Tray

Sterilization Trays & Kits

Sterilization Trays for ENT and GYN fiberoptic handpieces are available. Can be sold separately or as a kit with handpieces included.

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Handles 2x1

Custom Handpieces

For resellers and bulk orders handpieces can be made to your specification of color, shape, size, and length. Custom laser engraving is available.

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