The UltraLase Hollow Waveguide is a new generation of CO₂ hollow waveguide fibers that guarantees durability, high energy delivery, and performance. The fibers are flexible, enabling surgeons to easily access difficult-to-reach anatomical areas.

  • High transmission up to 80%
  • Power capability from 0.5 – 40 Watts
  • Transmits Continuous Wave (CW) or SuperPulse (SP)
  • Cleavable Tip – One fiber per procedure
  • Available in 2 sizes – 300µm & 500µm
  • Proprietary otology fiber with 200µm spot size

UltraLase CO2 Hollow Waveguides

The UltraLase HWG improves visibility, safety in accuracy and control of beam to tissue. Depth of penetration is less than 300µm resulting in less edema and pain. Improved post-op recovery and reduced risk of infection.

Compatible with Accu-Beam® Fiberoptic Handpieces, flexible endoscopes and robotically assisted procedures.

Compatible with the MultiPulse PRO DUO CO₂ Laser.

Laser Engineering is registered with the FDA & UltraLase CO2 Hollow Waveguides are cleared under 510k (K112166).

UltraLase CO2 Hollow Waveguides come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.