The MultiPulse PRO DUO free beam handpieces have a novel design to allow the handpiece body and spacer to be removed from the focal group for sterilization. There is a choice of 6 cutting focal lengths plus a collimated handpiece for superficial vaporization and coagulation.

  • Removable handpiece body for sterilization
  • Choice of 6 cutting focal lengths
  • Collimated handpiece for vaporization & coagulation
  • Offered in straight, curved 90⁰, and curved 180⁰
  • Handpiece with backstop available

Free Beam Handpieces

The 5” handpiece has 4 interchangeable bodies – straight, straight with backstop, curved at 90⁰ and curved at 120⁰.

The 8” handpiece has 2 interchangeable bodies – straight and straight with backstop and can be used with the Endoscan robotic scanner.

The Jena Surgical Free Beam Handpieces are approved to bear the CE mark.

Jena Surgical is registered with the FDA and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

The Jena Surgical Free Beam Handpieces come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.