The ACCU-Beam Laser Fiber Director is intended clamp laser fibers during surgical use. Laser fibers can be used in laparoscopic surgical procedures requiring ablation, vaporization, excision, incision and coagulation of soft tissue. The spatula tip can be used to scratch or scrape tissue at the treatment site.

  • Designed to articulate up to 70 degrees
  • Options for 34cm and 50cm long
  • 2mm diameter inner channel
  • 0.9mm diameter tip opening
  • 14 gauge silicone insert
  • Spatula Tip
  • Twist-Lock mechanism with silicone insert
  • Compatible with most laser fibers
  • Steam sterilizable to reduce waste

Fiber Director

The Laser Fiber Director is designed to articulate the spatula tip up to 70 degrees. The 5mm diameter shaft fits into standard 5mm trocar sleeves. The spatula tip accommodates laser fibers up to 0.90mm, and the inner channel is 2mm. The fiber is clamped by a twist-lock mechanism that utilizes a replaceable silicone insert.

The reusable Laser Fiber Director is 34cm or 50cm long and can be sterilized by autoclave.

Part # 9501-34/70 – 34cm x 5mm
Part # 9501-50/70 – 50cm x 5mm

Compatible with most laser fibers.

Fiberoptic Handpieces are approved to bear the CE mark.

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