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Digital SLR Camera Adaptor


  • Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony Alpha-series/NEX-series and Micro 4/3s cameras
  • Mounts to beamsplitter of slit lamp or microscope
  • Fine Focus, X/Y, and Iris adjustment
  • Optional footswitch for Image Capture (for Canon EOS only)
  • LED Illumination upgrade (for slit lamps ONLY)
  • 18.1 to 36.3 MP resolution (dependent on model of camera used)
  • Convertible to Universal Video Adaptor
  • New Vision image capture software (for slit lamp imaging)

Surgical Microscope and Slit Lamp Digital Camera adapter. Connects most models of SLR cameras to slit lamps and microscopes.

Part # 8194101 – Compatible with Canon Digital SLR cameras
Part # 8194102 – Compatible with Nikon Digital SLR cameras
Part # 8194103 – Compatible with Minolta/Sony Alpha-series Digital SLR cameras
Part # 8194104 – Compatible with Olympus Digital SLR cameras
Part # 8194105 – Compatible with Pentax Digital SLR cameras
Part # 8194106 – Compatible with Sony NEX-series Digital SLR cameras
Part # 8194107 – Compatible with Micro 4/3″ Digital SLR cameras

Compatible with Zeiss, Alcon, Leica/WILD, Moller-Wedel/Haag Streit, Topcon, Vasconcellos, Marco, Reichert, Shin Nippon, Takagi, Nidek, CSO, Appasamy, Burton, Woodlyn, KAPS, Seiler, Global and other slit lamp or microscope manufacturers.

How to mount a beamsplitter & DSLR camera adapter

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