The ACCU-BEAM® Smart Phone Adapter for slit lamps works with any iPhone and almost any Android phone to capture photos on your slit lamp. It is adjustable to work with any phone you purchase in the future, and with sleeves can work with almost any slit lamp.

  • Compatible with almost every ophthalmic slit lamp
  • Utilizes your phone’s camera to take high-quality pictures
  • Includes optics and replaces the ocular for the best possible image
  • Fits directly into any 23.5mm ocular slit lamp
  • Compatible with other slit lamps by using conversion sleeves

Universal Smartphone Adapter

Years ago TTI Medical patented the first smartphone adapter for slit lamps, and since then the concept has taken off in popularity. The Universal Smartphone Adapter allows you to use almost any phone to capture slit lamp photos, and includes optics to get the best possible image.

When you decide to upgrade your phone you can make a one-time adjustment and the adapter will still be a useful tool for basic slit lamp photography. The portable design makes it a great option when you need to capture images on multiple slit lamps.

Part # 8100SP

U.S. Patent No. 9,795,293 B2

Compatible with almost every smartphone.

Compatible with 66 Vision Tech, Appasamy, Burton, Haag-Streit, Keeler, Knosla, Marco, Nidek, Shin Nippon, Takagi, Topcon, Veatch, Woodlyn, Rodenstock, Reichert, Zeiss, and other slit lamps.

Haag-Streit Disclaimer

The Universal Smart Phone Adapter is approved to bear the CE mark.

TTI Medical is registered with the FDA and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

All of our products include a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and support for the usable lifetime of the product.