OculoCam® System for cost-effective slit lamp imaging. Works with a smartphone or point-and-shoot digital camera and can connect to either the ocular or the alignment post.

  • Cost-effective solution for slit lamp photography
  • Attachments for both digital cameras and smartphones
  • Options to mount on eyepiece or slitlamp alignment post
  • Hard carrying case which includes mount for external adapter
  • Adapters available individually or as part of a kit

Oculocam System

Invented by Dr. John Graether, the OculoCam® system is the most cost-effective option we carry to capture images on an ophthalmic slit lamp. The interchangeable mounts allow it to either stick to a smartphone or connect a digital camera using the tripod attachment.

This system can work by either clamping around the slitlamp eyepiece and lining up with the phone or camera for close-up shots, or by connecting to the slit lamp alignment post for external photography. The parts can be purchased individually, or as a complete kit with a carrying case.

Part # 8100SP-Kit & 8100DC-Kit

US Patent Nos 7,922,329B1 and 9,131,132B2

Compatible with almost every smartphone and digital camera.

Compatible with 66 Vision Tech, Appasamy, Burton, Haag-Streit, Keeler, Knosla, Marco, Nidek, Shin Nippon, Takagi, Topcon, Veatch, Woodlyn, Rodenstock, Reichert, Zeiss, and other slit lamps.

Haag-Streit Disclaimer

The OculoCam® digital imaging kit is approved to bear the CE mark.

TTI Medical is registered with the FDA and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

All of our products include a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and support for the usable lifetime of the product.