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ACCU-BEAM® Universal Video Adaptor body


  • Interchangeable Lenses for 1/3", 1/2" & 2/3" Cameras**
  • Variable Zoom Adaptor also available (40-80mm or 70-140mm)**
  • **Consult with a TTI Medical representative for what lens to use
  • Easy to change lens for different magnification or camera
  • Convertible to Digital SLR adaptor
  • C-Mount or Bayonet Mount
  • Micro Focus Control
  • Adjustable Iris for illumination control and depth of field
  • X/Y adjustment for image centration

Part # 8102

The ACCU-BEAM® Surgical Microscope Video Adapter connects 1-chip and 3-chip most Microscopes and Ophthalmic Slit Lamps.

Compatible with Zeiss, Alcon, Leica/WILD, Moller-Wedel/Haag Streit, Topcon, Vasconcellos, Marco, Reichert, Shin Nippon, Takagi, Nidek, CSO, Appasamy, Burton, Woodlyn, KAPS, Seiler, Global and other manufacturers.

U.S. Patent No. 5,264,92

How to mount ACCU BEAM adaptor

How to mount C-mount camera onto ACCU BEAM video adaptor

Example of mounting LEICA BS adaptor with ACCU BEAM adaptor body

How to adjust ACCU BEAM adaptor X_Y adjustment — UP and DOWN or LEFT and RIGHT

How to adjust Fine focus on ACCU BEAM video adaptor

How to adjust Iris control on ACCU BEAM adaptor

How to change Video adaptor lenses

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