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ACCU-BEAM® Smartphone Slit Lamp Adapter


  • Compatible with every model of smartphone
  • Utilizes your phone's camera
  • Includes optics for the best possible image
  • Fits directly into any 23.5mm ocular slit lamp
  • Compatible with most models of slit lamp by using conversion sleeves

Part # 8100SP

The ACCU-BEAM® Smart Phone Adapter for slit lamps will fit directly into the ocular of Haag-Streit 900BM style slit lamps. This slit lamp camera adapter works with current Andriod phones, iPhones, and more to capture images on your slit lamp.

The following slit lamps are directly compatible with the smartphone adapter:

66 Vision Tech – Y25F/Y25J
Appasamy – A1A11
Burton – 825/835
Haag-Streit – BM900
Keeler – SL-16/16, 16ZT
Knosla – K-6002
Marco – 2B/5 (NOT Ultra 5)
Nidek – SL-20/40/250/450
Shin Nippon – SL-102, 1E, 3F
Takagi – SM-10/30
Topcon – SL3E/3G
Veatch – SL-2V
Woodlyn – HR-1s

And more!

The following slit lamps are compatible with a conversion sleeve:

Part # 2504512 – Sleeve for Topcon SL2/4/5/6/7/8 & D-series; Rodenstock RO 3000/4000/5000
Part # 2504513 – Sleeve for Reichert Xcel 250/255/400/700; CSO SL 980/990
Part # 257017 – Sleeve for Zeiss with “f=125mm” binocular tube
Part # 257016001 – Sleeve for Haag Streit 900BQ/BD
Part # 257016002 – Sleeve for Haag Streit 900BC

And more!

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