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Digital imaging for Slit Lamps, Surgical Microscopes, and Endoscopes including SLR adapters and Smartphone adapters. These products are ideal for anterior segment imaging.

Digital SLR Camera Adaptor

Part #’s 8194101, 8194102, 8194103, 8194104, 8194105, 8194106, 8194107

Digital SLR Camera adapter for Slit Lamps and Surgical Microscopes.

Compatible with slit lamps and microscopes that can mount a beamsplitter.

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All-in-One SLR Adaptor

Part #’s 8194Z, 8194T, 8194C, 8194BQ, 8194BP, 8194N, 8194R

Digital SLR Camera Adaptor and Beamsplitter combination with video exit port for Ophthalmic Slit Lamps.

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ACCU-BEAM® Smartphone Slit Lamp Adapter

Part # 8100SP

ACCU-BEAM® Smart Phone adapter for slit lamps.

Compatible with most models of slit lamp by using conversion sleeves.

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OculoCam® Kit

Cost-effective external and eyepiece mounting solutions for digital cameras and smartphones.

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ACCU-Beam® Dual Port and Single Port Beamsplitters are compatible with slit lamps and microscopes made by Zeiss, Topcon, Marco, Reichert, Haag-Streit, and other manufacturers.

All beamsplitters are available with 50/50 (standard), 30/70, and 70/30 prisms.

Haag-Streit Disclaimer

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